What is an A3 report?

The A3 Report is a key management tool that is part of the Toyota TPS production system. With this tool, the team is capable of making decisions and solving various problems in the process, organization and production system as it reflects the current situation of the company.

This report is collected on an A3 size sheet and its use allows the development and implementation of the Lean culture and philosophy of continuous improvement within the organization.

Its structure is very simple, and it is formed by the following sections:

1- Definition of the problem:

· Describe the strategic and operational context to understand the problem.

· Describe the reason for choosing the problem.

· Select the specific indicator to be improved.

2- Current situation:

· Analyze the current process.

· Map the current process.

· Measure the magnitude of the problem.

3- Analysis of the causes:

· Analyze problems and causes using the 5 Why method.

· Generate cause / effect diagram.

Select the main problems

4- Objective situation:

· Establish specific improvement objectives aligned with the operational strategy of the company.

5- Action Plan:

· Involve affected people and collect their ideas.

· Generation of consensus on the best solutions.

· Development of applicable measures.

· Documentation of destination condition.

Estimation of results at a quantitative level

6 - Follow-up:

· Action plan containing detailed countermeasures, those responsible, forecast results and start and end date.

· Selection of indicators for evaluating the improvement process.

7- Results:

· Carry out the designed action plan.

· Results measurement.

· Relation of results obtained with the proposed objectives

· In case of unexpected results, apply the stipulated countermeasures.

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