What is QFD?


Visual decision-making procedure that develops a common understanding of the voice of the customer and translates it into product engineering specifications QFD integrates the perspectives of team members from different disciplines and ensures that their efforts are focused towards problem solving consistently.This is one of the main tools of Lean Manufacturing since its objective is the recognition that the product must be designed efficiently from the beginning through innovation and available technology.In this method, 4 types of matrices are proposed where the customer requirements associated with the company are reflected:

Matrix A Planning the Product to Design:

Within this matrix the techniques that the client demands within the production and its processes are specified. To incorporate these requirements, the current situation of the company must be analyzed from the point of view of engineering and industrial capacity.

Matrix B Deployment of the parts, components and functions of the product:

Within this matrix, the previous demands of the client are integrated, specifying all the necessary resources for the manufacture of the new product, this being compatible with the company's working methods. We call this process "House of Quality" since it relates each process and action for a common purpose, which is cost savings and the effectiveness of the processes.

Matrix C Planning of the Industrialization Process:

Within this matrix are added the current production processes available in the company and the technology and resources required to carry them out.

Matrix D Production Planning:

Within this matrix, the resources, machinery and work processes within the production area are planned. This goes from design to execution. To carry out this matrix, the Total Capacity of the factory must be known and, in this way, have availability of incorporation of the products to the production plans.

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