What is Autonomous Maintenance?

It is a basic element of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). It focuses on maintaining optimal equipment conditions in order to prevent equipment losses related to stoppages, speed losses and quality defects.

Its main objectives are the following:

- The transfer of responsibility for the machines to the Production Department.

- Detection of anomalies before failure occurs.

- Reduction of corrective maintenance.

The way in which we must implement this system in our company and organization is through the following steps:

Selection of a pilot zone / machine based on:

- Location of the area / machine

- Number of breakdowns

- Maintenance costs

· Define the points to be inspected (Cleaning / Inspection / Lubrication).

At this stage the production department comes into play together with the maintenance department.

In this workshop, the points to be inspected, cleaned or lubricated will be detected, and the periodicity, material and necessary products, estimated time and conditions of realization will be defined (machine stopped, valve closed, ...)

Monitoring of defined critical points

This includes machine parameters within working range, machine cleanliness, oil levels, etc.

· Supervision of routes by the area manager, to ensure compliance.

The results obtained will not be seen immediately but it is necessary to follow up as it will allow us to design appropriate maintenance strategies for each equipment and process.

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