What is the LEAN temple?

One of the simplest ways to represent the Toyota Production System (TPS) is the graphic in the shape of a house, which, like any similar process, starts from its bases or foundations from which the other elements of the We must remember that this system is based on a long-term philosophy, so we must have a strong foundation and pillars.

In this representation we can distinguish the following elements:

Base or foundations:

Within these foundations are part of the standardized work, obtaining the necessary information to carry out the processes, the philosophy of the company, visual management, Kaizen and Heijunka. These elements are what support the entire system and provide the necessary stability for all subsequent processes to be carried out safely and efficiently.

· Heart:

Within this system and as an essential part of the structure we have continuous improvement, which is obtained through the people and teams that contribute their work in the most efficient way possible and by reducing waste.


Among the pillars of the system we find Just In Time (manufacture only what is necessary at the necessary time) and Jidoka (procedures and tools that locate anomalies and deficiencies in the process). These elements are supported by the bases and foundations and also support the roof of the system.


Within these elements we find the highest quality, minimum cost and minimum Lead Time. These form the final touches of the system, which are sustained by the rest of the structure as a whole.

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