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In Lean Store we have magnetic whiteboards of different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. The magnetic white board is the evolution of the traditional green boards in which it was written with chalk.

Magnetic whiteboards are made with a magnetic lacquered steel writing surface and an aluminum frame. Most of them also include a tray to place the markers.

Why use a magnetic whiteboard in the office

Blackboards are widely used in offices as they are very useful in work presentations or for the internal organization of the company, that is, they help to improve the efficiency of workers and favor the creation of easier communication.

Are easy to use compared to other types of solutions such as projectors or traditional whiteboards. For this you only need special markers and a specific eraser for magnetic boards.

Forget about the dust and the dirt generated by the typical green slates. With a special eraser or even a damp cloth you can easily erase your magnetic board. Keep in mind that it is important to use quality markers as otherwise they can leave a trace on the board.

Ease to perform presentations and represent content since it allows us to make diagrams, graphs, drawings, etc.

What are you waiting for to buy a magnetic board?

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