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The glass slates or glass are made of tempered glass, which makes its surface suitable for frequent use and has great resistance. The appearance is much more elegant and modern than other types of slates.

How to choose magnetic glass board?

One of the aspects to take into account is the frequency of use, since they are very resistant to ink and marker stains, scratches and bumps. So they can be used frequently.

Also the type of use, since unlike other boards, data and multimedia content can be projected on glass boards.

Although the glass office whiteboards They are the most common, they are also widely used in the educational environment, and can even be used at home in domestic offices or in the children's play and study rooms.

Choose the glass board that best suits you, we have different colors: p white glass board, black glass board, blue glass board or red glass board

Magnetic glass whiteboard - winning combination

It allows you to write and erase with great ease thanks to its high quality vitrified surface. In addition to being magnetic you can also place magnetic elements such as cards, magnets, etc. on its surface. to better illustrate the information.

It's the solution ideal for business meetings or presentations to clients.

If you are considering buying glass slates, you are in the right place.

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