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Blackboard customization. Tienda LEAN realizes customized solutions in the customization of whiteboards in Lean Manufacturing environments.

The standard product is magnetic lacquered boards (magnetizable) covered with high quality vinyl and Velleda laminate that allows the use of whiteboard markers.

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Different types of panels:

- Scrum

- Kanban

- Weekly / monthly / yearly planning

What is it about?

It is a service based on the customization of Agile panels.

The service consists of three phases:

· Data collection of customer needs. As an added value is our experience of more than 7 years.

· Design and validation. We adapt to your needs: new designs, adaptations or avoid this phase if the design is already created.

· Preparation of the board with the necessary accessories. Being suppliers of slates and accessories we can achieve competitive costs. We also have a large format printing plotter and laminator to be able to provide quick service to our customers. We always use superior grades of both vinyl and lamination so they can be durable.

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