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We have two types of visual structures for the implementation of the Lean methodology in your company.

The Lean Corner It is personalized so it has flexibility and design functionality that allows the different ideas of the information system to be exhibited. This structure is made to measure with panels.

The Lean Corner is aimed at the employees of the company so that they are aware of the goals and objectives of the company, the degree of achievement of them, etc. Due to its structure, it is also used for clients visiting the company's facilities or at fairs and exhibitions, despite the fact that this is not its original use.

The Lean Cube is a cube-shaped structure built with four useful surfaces (both on the top and on the bottom). It combines a stationary bottom and a rotating top, so the flexibility is quite high.

The Lean Cube offers a solution for the organization of your company with a compact design. Its rugged design and aesthetics fit perfectly with any workspace, especially small spaces. It is used to facilitate data communication and optimization.

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