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Sergio Villoria8/11/20

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Glossary of terms

Jacobo Bedia Ajo7/30/20

Lean Terms What is 5S? What is an A3 report? What is the ABC representation? What is a Pareto chart? What is an FMEA? What is a bottleneck? What is an Andon? What is Jidoka? What is line balancing? What is Benchmarking? What is Canvas? What is Catchball? What is...

Kaizen: The Key to Increasing Productivity

Jacobo Bedia Ajo1/22/19

In a world as competitive as the business world, there is a common desire to win, that need to be the first ... the best. This desire for improvement cannot be achieved without channeling the effort towards the appropriate work philosophy. If there was a path that could lead your company towards the productivity that you have always wanted to achieve… Would you dare to abandon your old habits to try it? Would you accept the Kaizen challenge?